EGF has developed an integrated, scalable, and sustainable healthcare delivery model which focuses on disease prevention and general health care. The Health Pillar was established in 2014 to champion access to affordable high quality healthcare services across the country.

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Equity Afia Clinics

Equity Afia (EQA) was established in 2015 under the Equity Group Foundation’s (EGF) Health pillar as a response to the growing need for affordable and accessible quality healthcare for Kenyans. We operate a franchise of medical outpatient centres, run by qualified and experienced doctors who are alumni of the Equity Leaders Program. Currently, Equity Afia runs 47 medical centres in Ongata Rongai, Kawangware, Buruburu, Kayole, Thika, Ruiru, Nyeri, Nakuru, Kahawa West, Kikuyu, Utawala, Karatina, Kitale among others.

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Our work in the health sector

In our bid to promote access to reliable healthcare services across the country, we actively seek out and partner with like-minded healthcare providers, enabling them to provide quality services without the limitation of infrastructure and facilities. We work to bridge the gap in areas that lack quality healthcare resources while trying to meet the WHO recommended doctor-patient ratio of 1:1000 against the country’s current ratio of 1:6000. There’s a clear opportunity to enrich the medical sector in the country.

  1. Client Reform: Social marketing campaigns, technology and mobile phone applications are deployed to increase healthcare and health insurance literacy across Kenya.
  2. Insurance Reform: Provider and patient-informed comprehensive health insurance schemes are being developed using capitation payment models for outpatient services and bundled care payment models for inpatient services, to counter the prevailing, unsustainable fee-for-service model.

Impact Stories


Kenya Wildlife Service

“Since we got onboard EGF’s healthcare service in 2017, we have witnessed tremendous improvement in the health of our staff members. This is because they receive high quality treatment and medication. Another notable change is on the medical bills which have significantly gone down due to the friendly and affordable cost of health care in your facility. Of importance to note is the proximity of your health care centres to our staff members and their families. And not forgetting your friendly staff.”

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Dr Anthony Kinyanjui Macharia

Franchise owner, Equity Afia Buruburu and Kayole

When he was selected as a beneficiary of the Equity Leaders Program, Dr. Anthony Kinyanjui did not know what the future held for him apart from having his education fee catered for. Currenly, Dr Kinyanjui is one of the beneficiaries trained as medical doctors who are now entrepreneurs in the health care sector through Equity Afia. He says,” This initiative has given me an opportunity to transform the lives of Kenyans through the provision of high quality and affordable healthcare. Equity Afia manages both curative and preventative healthcare services and we are now increasingly emphasizing on preventive care services”, says Dr Kinyanjui.

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Karen Ndiema


Karen Ndiema from Ongata Rongai believes that health care attendants should have the required skills in order to effectively treat patients. This is a key consideration for her when deciding what health facility to visit. She likes the general experience in Equity Afia but more specifically the fact that clinical staff spend sufficient time with the clients. She says ‘’After lab tests, the doctors discuss results with you- I have not seen this anywhere else. Doctors advise you on the results,one item after another- detailed information! This is the one thing that stands out for Equity Afia’’

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