EGF focuses on promoting the conservation of natural resources through expanding forest cover, improving water security and providing renewable energy and energy efficient technologies as smart alternatives with no negative effects on the environment. Because energy is a key resource in household, institutional and industrial operations, access to affordable and suitable clean energy for all is what drives us. Preventing the exploitation of these safer energy resources is lack of knowledge, lack of access and misinformation, thus creating a gap that requires intervention.


Equity Group Holdings, through Equity Group Foundation (EGF) seeks to increase awareness of the benefits of clean energy for cooking, lighting & heating for both domestic industrial use. By tapping into solar, water, wind and bio-fuels as energy sources to provide heat, lighting and electric current to run households and industrial machines, the environment is preserved, in addition to the reduced cost of energy incurred.


Our impact
in numbers

Million Trees Planted

Clean energy products

Metric tons of CO2 reduced

Million USD worth of clean energy products distributed

Energy solutions

Energy Solution in Agriculture


Biogas alleviates two major environmental problems: the global waste epidemic that releases dangerous levels of methane and the reliance on fossil fuel energy to meet global energy demand.


Solar irrigation systems increase access to water for farming, and are robust, portable, efficient and long lasting with a potential market of 1M small scale farmers and households at a cost of Shs 50K and above.

Commercial energy solutions

Together with our partners, we support efficient utilization of energy through energy audits and funding of retrofits and grid tied systems necessary to reduce power consumption in both commercial and residential establishments, in order to switch to more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar electricity, solar water heating and biomass energy.

Productive Use of Clean Energy

We support the productive use of energy (PUE) around mini-grids, developed in areas without the main grid, for activities such as water pumping & Irrigation, aeration for aquacultures, refrigeration & cooling machines as well as poultry lighting. In addition, we support value addition in agriculture through solar PV in milling and packaging.

Water Storage and Purification

We facilitate access to clean and purified water though financing the acquisition of water storage tanks and purifiers for institutions, as well as households for domestic and farm use.

Our impact
in numbers

Metric tons of co2 reduced

Individuals Impacted

Million USD of charcoal & Kerosene saved

Million USD in household savings by switching to clean energy

Green Mini-Grid

Renewable energy sector is still viewed as a high risk investment venture and most commercial financiers still shy away from lending to developers. This denies the green mini-grid sector access to commercial loans. Most developers have resulted to grants, venture capital and equity which limits scale up and sustainability. EGF works with mini-grid developers to develop proposals that are attractive to Equity Bank for funding as commercially viable investment projects.

Impact Stories

George Otieno Opiyo

Agri-Business Farmer

George owns a 5 acre piece of land for his agribusiness farming. He is required to farm his land throughout the year to ensure a continuous supply of vegetables to the market. During dry seasons, George was forced to irrigate his land using buckets which was tiring and time consuming, and therefore could only farm a quarter of an acre. He then heard on radio about the SF2 solar Future Pump and purchased it since it requires no fuel to run, needs minimum maintenance and is portable.

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Abby Hotel, Nakuru 


In order to comply with the Energy Regulatory Commission’s regulation which requires any facility with hot water requirements exceeding 100litres a day to install a solar water-heating system, accompanied with their desire to save on their electricity bill that would amount to 2.3M a year, Abby Hotel attained a loan from Equity Bank. They installed Orb Sunstreams (water heating system), reducing over 60% of their energy expenses in a year. It’s a very reliable, efficient and affordable energy resource.

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Lupingazi Youth Group

Lupingazi Youth Group

Lupingazi Youth Group, formed in 2008, has 19 active members. They have been beneficiaries of Equity Bank though saving and loan borrowing, as well as being a part of welfare activities. They are end users of energy stoves, having purchased eco-zoon stoves in 2016 through a facilitation from Equity Bank. From their experience and positive feedback they have been referring their friends to the program.

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