Equity Group Foundation facilitates job creation and economic growth through providing micro and small entrepreneurs with advice, mentorship and entrepreneurship training.

Kshs.44.2B disbursed to 122,330 MSMEs under the Young Africa Works Kenya program.

2,105,853 Women and Youth trained in financial education


The business skills training is based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) curricula.


Digital Literacy training is conducted for Micro, Small and Medium scale enterprises (MSMEs).


We provide hand holding or aftercare through mentoring and business advisory visits, and also Business support and advice through SMS tips.

Financial Education

EGF improves financial access, financial capability, and individual and household financial security by connecting low-income populations to bank accounts and expert financial literacy trainings.

Financial Knowledge for Africa (FiKA)

EGF in partnership with Mastercard Foundation launched Financial Knowledge for Africa (FiKA) in 2010, to deliver quality financial literacy training to women, youth and micro-entrepreneurs from low income areas. The program, which covers budgeting, savings, debt management and financial services and products has trained over 2.1 million people.

Having recognized the diverse financial needs of the people of Africa, we developed a tailored training curriculum for the various target groups, delivered in two approaches:

  1. Classroom approach: This is on experiential and practical basis, through the use of adult learning principles.
  2. Digital approach: This is a supplementary learning approach where learning information is embedded in the Equitel SIM in easy to read formats.


2,105,853 women and youth population in Kenya have been trained in financial education

Impact Stories

Priscilla Akong’o Odengo

Business woman

Pam Automotives, Spares and Lubricants.

Priscilla Akong’o Odengo hails from Eldama Ravine. She enrolled in EGF’s Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Governance, E-Record keeping, and E-Marketing training program. Due to low sales, raising working capital for her business was a challenge.  Today, Pam Automotives also operates online, and its customer numbers have significantly grown. Priscilla provides employment to five people; 2 permanent and 3 part-time. Priscilla says, “Equity Group Foundation changed my life and my business. The Digital Literacy training I received and the mentorships that followed made me move from analogue to digital and has seen my business grow.”

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Simion Makokha


Simion Makokha is a Florist based in Nairobi City Centre.  With no savings and additional income, he longed for rewarding income. Being a florist was hard and unpredictable. Simon joined Equity Group Foundation’s entrepreneur training where he learned how to make his business grow, properly budget his income. “With the help from our trainer, we managed to form a strong cohesive group of other people like me and we learned about our long-term and short-term goals in life which have helped us develop good money management skills and a saving culture,” Simon explains.

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Susan Mumo Kimanzi

Business woman

Susan hails from Kitui, is a member of Ngwani WFP Group and a beneficiary of EGF’s Financial Literacy Training.  She wanted to learn how to plan her finances, including borrowing. Before the training she explained that she had acquired a loan from a local commercial bank without clear consideration of her income. She was glad that the training exposed her to factors borrowers should consider before taking up loans. “Little did I know bank calculations have secrets which are concealed during lending,” she said.


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