Impact Stories

We tell stories of hope that show the impact we have endeavored to make in society, providing opportunities for education and career development in order to spur a new generation of thought leaders who will break the cycle of poverty

Wayne Gakuo

Software Engineer

Wayne, from Mombasa, Kenya, joined the Wings to Fly program at 16. His father passed away in 2010, leaving his family in financial difficulty. “My greatest challenge was overcoming the fear of failure.” he said. Now with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Ashesi University, he seeks to empower other Kenyan youth with Software Development skills.

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Mohammed Hassan


Despite the hard circumstances surrounding Mohammed’s childhood, he managed to do will in his KCPE Examination because of his resilience and hard work. However, his parents could not afford his high school tuition. Thanks to EGF’s Wings to Fly Program, Mohammed joined Lenana School and completed his secondary education. Currently he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Nairobi, and is an active mentor to the youth.

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Agri-business Man

Kinyua, aged 23, completed college and due to unemployment ventured into agribusiness, buying sorghum from farmers and selling it in bulk. His greatest challenge had been lack of knowledge on which financial institution to partner with so as to access financial services and expand his business. Through the FASRAT project Kinyua received financial education,accessed two loans which have expanded his business. Through Equity Bank’s mobile MVNO, and Equitel.

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Agri-business Man

Mr. Josiah, a retired teacher from Molo, does farming, but due to climate change and limited access to financial support business dwindled. Through FASRAT project Josiah received agribusiness and financial education. With the bank he managed to get a loan and installed a drip irrigation system & used rain harvested water to irrigate his crops. The 2019 rain delay didn’t affect his business. He is now generating a revenue of Ksh300, 000 per acre and makes KSh 5,000 for his potatoes during low season.

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Celestine Nguna


Celestine from Mombasa, has for the last 6 years been a beneficiary of Equity Group Foundation’s programs through which she has gained valuable skills in Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Mentorship. She recently started her own supply business, African Memsap Technologies, offering construction and cleaning services while creating employment opportunities for young people and women. “I gained confidence, and have been able to manage my business better. The training enlightened me and I now run my business with a lot of seriousness and confidence”, she says.

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Joel Nzuna


Joel Nzuna is a farmer and adult learner from Machakos County. He produces maize, beans, fruits, livestock and other products. Resource planning and debt management skills were his main challenge. Through the foundation’s financial literacy program, he’s equipped with vital skills to set and plan for his goals. He is now able to plan his income and knows to handle debts. He says, “After the training, I feel good. I can plan my finances well and the debt burden is no more”. His improved financial management skills have enabled him to save and generate more funds for farming.

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Lantaine Ene Samperu

Business woman

Lantaine is a mother of two and a member of Oltarakwai Women’s Group. She runs a Maasai beaded-clothes and milk business from her home in Kajiado, Kenya. Every day she does household chores, milks her husband’s cows and delivers milk to the local dairy co-operative. She and other co-operative members joined EGF’s Financial Education training program to learn budgeting, savings, financial services and debt management skills.  From the training she has been able to save enough money to build her family a better house. “I am considered a role model because as a member of Maasai Women Dairy Cooperative Ltd I have constructed my house”, says Lantaine.

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Priscilla Akong’o Odengo

Business woman

Pam Automotives, Spares and Lubricants. Priscilla Akong’o Odengo hails from Eldama Ravine. She enrolled in EGF’s Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Governance, E-Record keeping, and E-Marketing training program. Due to low sales, raising working capital for her business was a challenge.  Today, Pam Automotives also operates online, and its customer numbers have significantly grown. Priscilla provides employment to five people; 2 permanent and 3 part-time. Priscilla says, “Equity Group Foundation changed my life and my business. The Digital Literacy training I received and the mentorships that followed made me move from analogue to digital and has seen my business grow.”

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Simion Makokha


Simion Makokha is a Florist based in Nairobi City Centre.  With no savings and additional income, he longed for rewarding income. Being a florist was hard and unpredictable. Simon joined Equity Group Foundation’s entrepreneur training where he learned how to make his business grow, properly budget his income. “With the help from our trainer, we managed to form a strong cohesive group of other people like me and we learned about our long-term and short-term goals in life which have helped us develop good money management skills and a saving culture,” Simon explains.

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Susan Mumo Kimanzi

Business woman

Susan hails from Kitui, is a member of Ngwani WFP Group and a beneficiary of EGF’s Financial Literacy Training.  She wanted to learn how to plan her finances, including borrowing. Before the training she explained that she had acquired a loan from a local commercial bank without clear consideration of her income. She was glad that the training exposed her to factors borrowers should consider before taking up loans. “Little did I know bank calculations have secrets which are concealed during lending,” she said.  

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Dr Anthony Kinyanjui Macharia

Franchise owner, Equity Afia Buruburu and Kayole

When he was selected as a beneficiary of the Equity Leaders Program, Dr. Anthony Kinyanjui did not know what the future held for him apart from having his education fee catered for. Currenly, Dr Kinyanjui is one of the beneficiaries trained as medical doctors who are now entrepreneurs in the health care sector through Equity Afia. He says,” This initiative has given me an opportunity to transform the lives of Kenyans through the provision of high quality and affordable healthcare. Equity Afia manages both curative and preventative healthcare services and we are now increasingly emphasizing on preventive care services”, says Dr Kinyanjui.

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Karen Ndiema


Karen Ndiema from Ongata Rongai believes that health care attendants should have the required skills in order to effectively treat patients. This is a key consideration for her when deciding what health facility to visit. She likes the general experience in Equity Afia but more specifically the fact that clinical staff spend sufficient time with the clients. She says ‘’After lab tests, the doctors discuss results with you- I have not seen this anywhere else. Doctors advise you on the results,one item after another- detailed information! This is the one thing that stands out for Equity Afia’’

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Kenya Wildlife Service

“Since we got onboard EGF’s healthcare service in 2017, we have witnessed tremendous improvement in the health of our staff members. This is because they receive high quality treatment and medication. Another notable change is on the medical bills which have significantly gone down due to the friendly and affordable cost of health care in your facility. Of importance to note is the proximity of your health care centres to our staff members and their families. And not forgetting your friendly staff.”

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George Otieno Opiyo

Agri-Business Farmer

George owns a 5 acre piece of land for his agribusiness farming. He is required to farm his land throughout the year to ensure a continuous supply of vegetables to the market. During dry seasons, George was forced to irrigate his land using buckets which was tiring and time consuming, and therefore could only farm a quarter of an acre. He then heard on radio about the SF2 solar Future Pump and purchased it since it requires no fuel to run, needs minimum maintenance and is portable.

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Abby Hotel, Nakuru 


In order to comply with the Energy Regulatory Commission’s regulation which requires any facility with hot water requirements exceeding 100litres a day to install a solar water-heating system, accompanied with their desire to save on their electricity bill that would amount to 2.3M a year, Abby Hotel attained a loan from Equity Bank. They installed Orb Sunstreams (water heating system), reducing over 60% of their energy expenses in a year. It’s a very reliable, efficient and affordable energy resource.

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Lupingazi Youth Group

Lupingazi Youth Group

Lupingazi Youth Group, formed in 2008, has 19 active members. They have been beneficiaries of Equity Bank though saving and loan borrowing, as well as being a part of welfare activities. They are end users of energy stoves, having purchased eco-zoon stoves in 2016 through a facilitation from Equity Bank. From their experience and positive feedback they have been referring their friends to the program.

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David Okinyi

Business Owner

David Okinyi, 23, is from Migori, Kenya. He started with Equity Group Foundation’s programs at 18 years old in the `Wings to Fly’ Program with MasterCard Foundation. David graduated on 6th May 2019 with a BSc in Economics and a B.A in Business (Global Politics) and will pursue his Master’s in Finance at Arizona State University,USA.  

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Other stories

See more stories that speak to the change and impact our projects and partnerships have had in the society.

Equity Group Foundation Partners With Mastercard Foundation on Covid-19 Response in Kenya

Equity Group Foundation, with support from Equity Bank, Mastercard Foundation, and the family of Dr. James Mwangi is committing Ksh 1.1 billion to support COVID-19 Response in Kenya.
The commitment includes a Ksh 300 million contribution from Equity Bank, a Ksh 500 million from the Mastercard Foundation, and a Ksh 300 million contribution from the family of Dr. James Mwangi, Equity Group Holdings Managing Director and CEO. The funds will go towards the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline medical personnel dealing with COVID-19 patients in public hospitals in Kenya. Click here to find out more on this

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Young Africa Works Kenya

Our partnership with MasterCard Foundation (MCF) demonstrates how Equity Bank and Equity Group Foundation (EGF) work successfully in tandem to deliver social impact programs using the bank’s financial muscle. It underscores the foundation’s ability to provide services using the operational infrastructure of the bank itself. The partnership goal is to make sure 50 million young Africans have meaningful and decent work by 2050 by empowering entrepreneurship and removing barriers for them to fund their businesses.

Find out more

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Top KCSE Students Join Equity’s Leadership Program

532 students who scored a mean grade A (plain) and A- (minus) in the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Examination have joined the Equity Bank’s paid internship program. The 532 students including 160 scholars from the Wings to Fly program and 363 top students from across the country will intern at various Equity Bank branches across Kenya. During their internship costing Ksh393million, the students will benefit from structured mentorship and training to build work ethics and leadership skills.

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Equity Bank airlifts 73 scholars as program’s value hits Ksh10B

Thursday, 27th July 2017, Nairobi…. Equity Bank Airlift’s program to global universities has today hit 400 scholars who have so far benefitted from this initiative. The program supports scholars to secure full scholarships from leading institutions globally. The current total value of the scholarships to date stands at nearly Kshs 10 billion (USD 100 million).

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33 Equity Leaders Program Scholars Gain Admission to Top Global Universities

Nairobi, 28th December 2016..…. 33 scholars in the 2016 class of the Equity Leaders Program (ELP) have received admissions to study in top Global Universities during the Early Decisions application round. Of the 33 admissions, 18 are alumni of the Wings to Fly program bringing the total number of Wings to Fly scholars who have transited to global universities to 32.


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The two new medical centres bring the franchises’ total footprint to 20 with 7 new clinics opened between January and July 2020.

Nairobi, Monday 27th  July 2020Equity Afia, the medical franchise of Equity Group Foundation, has opened two new medical centres in Ruaka and Githurai to complement the existing medical services offered by public and private health facilities in the areas. Located at Equity Afia Building next to Delta Petrol Station on Limuru Road in Ruaka and on 2nd floor Charma House on Ngumba Road in Githurai, the two new medical centres bring the franchises’ total footprint to 20 with 7 clinics having been opened between January and July 2020.

The Equity Afia franchise model is designed with the key objective of increasing the country’s access to quality healthcare services through the offering of quality and affordable services. Commenting on the commissioning of the new medical centres, Equity Group Foundation Executive Director, Reuben Mbindu noted that the Foundation is keen on supporting Kenya’s healthcare sector and contributing to the achievement of UHC despite the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

“Between January and July this year, we have opened 7 new medical centres across the country despite the health and economic challenges we are currently facing resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We do not intend to slow down, because now more than ever, Kenyans need access to quality healthcare services at affordable costs. By opening more clinics, we are bringing Equity Afia healthcare services closer to those that need it,” said Mbindu.

Equity Afia continues to provide support in the fight against COVID-19 through training staff and Equity customers across all 184 branches in Kenya on COVID-19 symptoms and measures that ought to be taken to reduce the risk of exposure.

With the opening of the two new centres, Equity Afia now has a footprint of 9 clinics in Nairobi County, 5 in Kiambu and a clinic in Kajiado, Nyeri, Nakuru, Kakamega, Meru and Mombasa Counties. All Equity Afia clinics accept cash and insurance payments thus allowing all Kenyans enjoy access to medical care and treatment. The consultation fee which is set at Ksh 500 allows a vast majority of the population to access medical treatment, management and advise thus increasing accessibility to quality care.

Equity Afia is an initiative under the Equity Group Foundation that is using franchising principles to train and monitor a network of medical entrepreneurs, who are qualified alumni of the Equity Leaders Program (ELP). The main goal is to ensure the sustained improvement of the health and well-being of Kenyans by increasing access to and utilization of quality, affordable and standardized healthcare.

Equity Group Foundation in partnership with Equity Bank, the family of Dr James Mwangi and Mastercard Foundation mobilized Kshs 1.1 Billion towards the provision of PPEs for frontline healthcare workers dealing with COVID-19 patients. Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the COVID-19 Fund Board, the initiative sought to achieve the national objective of protecting medical personnel while promoting the creation of a local medical supply ecosystem that would mitigate the disruption of the global supply chain.


About Equity Afia

Equity Afia (EQA) was established in 2015 under the Equity Group Foundation’s (EGF) health pillar. The goal of Equity Afia is to ensure the sustained improvement of the health and well-being of Kenyans by increasing access to utilization of quality, affordable and standardized healthcare.

Equity Afia offers comprehensive outpatient care in general consultation, specialized clinics like obstetrics and gynaecology, well-baby clinics, dental services, optical services, dermatological services, paediatric services and nutrition services among others; supported by well-equipped laboratories and stocked pharmacies.

In Nairobi County, Equity Afia operates clinics in Buruburu, Kayole, Kawangware, Kahawa West, Utawala, Embakasi, CBD along Biashara Street, Kasarani and Githurai. In Kiambu County, the franchise has clinics in Kikuyu, Thika, Ruiru, Kiambu and Ruaka and operates another clinic in Ongata Rongai, which is in Kajiado County. Outside Nairobi and its outskirts, Equity Afia has operational clinics in Nyeri, Nakuru, Kakamega, Meru and Mombasa Counties.

Equity Afia has instituted a rollout plan of setting up and operationalizing more outpatient health facilities over the next few years. These will be distributed across the country to ensure presence and coverage in each county.

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For further information, please contact: –

Alex Muhia

Equity Group

T: Office – 0763 026007: Mobile – 0763 618871



Carol Wairugu

Ogilvy PR

T: 0727 015 797




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