Young Africa Works Kenya

Deepening social impact through training and funding entrepreneurs

Young Africa Works Kenya; a partnership between Equity Group Foundation and Mastercard Foundation, with support from the Government of Kenya seeks to deepen the social impact in the community by laying the foundation for gainful employment through training and funding for over 600,000 entrepreneurs.

Mastercard Foundation’s goal is to enable 50 million young Africans have meaningful and decent work by 2050 by empowering entrepreneurship and removing barriers for young people to fund their businesses. Through the Young Africa Works Kenya initiative, the Mastercard Foundation will provide USD ($) 300million over five years to facilitate technical training for Kenyans. Equity Bank; who have been long term partners for Mastercard Foundation, will lead the private sector to provide loans to 600,000 entrepreneurs who otherwise would never qualify. In turn, these entrepreneurs will create jobs and grow the Kenyan economy. 

Equity Group Foundation will lead the implementation of the Young Africa Works Kenya initiative by leveraging operational infrastructure of the bank, a unique system that is anchored on driving positive change.