Twin sisters Susan and Purity were raised by a singlemother,┬áwho died of tuberculosis when the girls were┬ánine years old. A year later, when their grandmother┬ádied, Susan and Purity were taken to a children’s home┬áin Narumoro.

Their life changed when they learned about the Wings┬áto Fly scholarship programme on the radio. When they┬áwere accepted, Susan says, “We thought we would never┬ágo to high school, and the scholarship gave us hope for┬áa better tomorrow.”

Purity and Susan have now completed Form 4 at the top of their class with scores of 75 and 70, respectively, in the KCSE. Purity dreams of studying industrial chemistry, and Susan dreams of becoming a nurse. In addition to studying at university and pursuing careers in their respective fields, Purity hopes to one day open a
children’s home.

In reflecting upon what they have learned through the┬áWings to Fly program, Purity says, “Dr. James Mwangi┬átaught me that I could shine for the whole world,” and┬áSusan shares, “Reeta Roy inspired me that even when I┬ágrow up to be a great person, I shall not forget to help┬ámy family and others, especially needy children.”