Eufrasia is the eldest of five children born to unemployed parents in Kiamweri village, Meru County. Growing up, she knew the only secure source of income for her family was the two-acre plot of land on which they grew tea, and did her best to help till the crop as often as she could during the school holidays. But when she was in high school, a visit by an EGF mentor introduced her to ELP, and she promised to work hard and gain entry into the competitive programme, even though at the time she was not the best performing girl in her school. But once she set her mind to it, she was undeterred. She earned an A on the KCSE 46 examination and joined ELP in 2012.

She is currently pursuing a Dental Surgery degree at the University of Nairobi, where she is already demonstrating leadership as the class representative of the Dental Surgery class of 2017, and editor general of Scope, a university publication out of the department of Dental Surgery.

In this role, she has led the editorial┬áteam of her magazine to organize free medical camps┬áin Kibera slum and Machakos and Starehe Girls’ High┬áSchool.

Eufrasia is also an active member of the ELP Honor Council, a committee of Equity Scholars established to set high standards for professionalism, integrity and leadership among the ELP scholars. The ELP Honor Council is also responsible for vetting top performing scholars for Scholar Excellence Awards offered by EGF.