Eric Naivasha

Eric holds Master of Science in Economics from University of Zimbabwe and a BA in Economics from Moi University, Kenya. He has 20 years working experience most of which has been gained in finance and energy sectors. During his working career, Eric has served in several senior positions including Managing Director at K-Rep Advisory Services in Kenya, Managing Director at Centre for Microenterprise Development (CMD) in Nigeria, Investment Director for Africa at Catalyst Microfinance Investors (CMI), Regional Director for MYC4 A/S and Venture Manager at Royal Philips in charge of BOP consumer energy in Africa. He has also conducted over 30 consultancy assignments in 12 countries in Africa and Asia mainly in the areas of financial access and renewable energy. Eric is also a certified trainer for Business and Strategic Planning, Accounting and Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Delinquency Management, Market research, Interest Rate Setting and Product Development for financial institutions (FIs). He is also a certified trainer for IFC Business Edge. He joined Equity Group Foundation in May 2016.