Equity Group Foundation (EGF) is a non-profit implementing foundation based in Nairobi, Kenya that champions the social and economic transformation of the people of Africa.

While Equity Group Holdings Limited has made great strides to expand financial inclusion in Africa, people living in poverty often require a different set of services, including non-financial services, to start their journey of social and economic transformation. EGF was established in 2008 to provide these critical services.

EGF designs and delivers high-impact social development programmes in areas that matter most to people’s lives: education, health, agriculture, environment, and finance. Unique from other development organisations, EGF works at local levels nationwide by leveraging Equity Group's extensive infrastructure and through strategic partnerships with government, local, and international actors.

Equity Group Foundation is a subsidiary of Equity Group Holdings Limited. EGF scouts for talented, creative and innovative team players who are excited by the opportunity of pushing the frontiers of the foundation and giving back to the community.

From our end, we will:

  • Give you career exposure and the chance to realize your maximum potential.
  • Reward you and give you the opportunity to realize your goals.
  • Work with you to give back to the community.