EGF’s programmes demonstrate scalability, impact and high returns on investment. Since 2008, EGF has:

  • Provided over 10,377 comprehensive secondary school scholarships to academically gifted but disadvantaged students through our signature Wings to Fly scholarship programme.
  • Assisted over 2,673 high-achieving secondary school graduates to gain access to paid professional internships, leadership training, and college counseling through the Equity Leaders Programme (ELP). Of these, more than 263 students have matriculated to competitive global universities, including Ivy League universities, while the rest have joined leading public universities in Kenya.
  • Provided more than 1,000 internships across Equity Group annually, making ELP the largest corporate internship programme in Africa.
  • Awarded over KSh. 1.5 million in seed funding to the top scholar business pitches at the annual Equity Innovators Awards.
  • Trained over 1.2 million low-income women, youth, and micro-entrepreneurs in financial literacy, and over 11,000 micro and small entrepreneurs in advanced small business development.
  • Supported nearly 6,000 small and medium-sized farmers to plan and realize farm expansion, capital improvements, and technology uptake to support increased production.
  • Supported 460,000 peasant farmers to transit to agribusiness.
  • Supported 5 million previously unbanked rural individuals to open basic bank accounts and become included in financial services with basic savings, micro loans and micro insurance.
  • Supported 390,000 families to move from in-kind humanitarian support to cash vouchers and eventually into bank remittances.